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Will they mess up Failon’s case too?

GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc The Philippline Star May 08, 2009

Admin congressmen are suing Martin Nievera for “unlawful rendition” of the Lupang Hinirang at the Pacquiao-Hatton fight. Allegedly the balladeer broke the Anthem, Flag and Heraldic Act (R.A. 8491) for starting slow before singing in the prescribed marching tempo. If found guilty, Martin faces public censure, P5,000-P20,000 fine, and/or up to a year in jail. “Dura lex, sed lex,” one of the congressmen reminded on news-radio. “We must enforce the law.”

Have the honorable lawmakers newfound respect for law? Or are they making a mountain out of a molehill to divert public attention from more serious issues? Or maybe they’re just hitching a ride on the popularity of Martin, whose giving it all in a momentous event eclipsed his ignorance of the law?

It begs recalling. These late-coming defenders of law are the same congressmen who dumped the impeachment of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in Aug. 2008. They didn’t invoke the rule of law then, but rule of the (paid) majority. These are the same lawmakers who saw nothing wrong with such scams as NBN-ZTE, Diwalwal-ZTE, Northrail, Southrail, and fertilizer and swine funds.

What the admin has mastered doing to ZTE scam whistleblower Jun Lozada — punishing the least guilty — it’s now employing on Martin.

* * *

Justice Sec. Raul Gonzalez last Tuesday shut up the NBI spokesman from giving any more updates on their probe of Ted Failon’s wife’s death. “The prudent thing to do is wait for the result of the investigation,” he said. “He should not give blow-by-blows.” Gonzalez also declined to comment on the Quezon City prosecutor’s dismissal of the obstruction of justice rap against Failon’s household, since it might land in his office for review.

Now he’s talking. The secretary’s sudden guardedness is as odd, though, as his many flip-flops on major cases. Only three weeks ago when news broke that Ted had rushed Trina to the hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot gash in the temple, Gonzalez was himself talking out of turn. He announced having put Ted on hold-departure, implying that the hard-hitting broadcaster had committed crime and might flee abroad. His basis for it: a request of an anonymous in-law of Ted. Days later Gonzalez declared that a pal of Ted’s must be brought in for questioning for allegedly helping him move Trina’s bloodied body from the bed to the bathroom. Again his basis for it: an anonymous SMS. It was all as malicious as the police declaring, without basis, that Ted had scratches all over his arms and back. As cruel too as the cops barging into the ICU to paraffin-test the dying Trina, and when barred, handcuffing her brother and arresting her sister. Incidentally Gonzalez, who by self-admission jumps from his seat on receipt of nameless texts, is a member of the Cabinet cluster on national security. He defended the police callousness that everyone else in the admin deplored. Not to forget, his perceived wrongdoings had been frequent targets of Ted’s scathing commentaries.

There’s a telling cause for Gonzalez’s new tune. The NBI spokesman had twice updated that the probe was leading to the conclusion of suicide. This was so contrary to the parricide angle that Gonzalez had wished them to check out when the case was first transferred from the bumbling cops to a special unit. The spokesman had to be shut up. Word leaking from the NBI is that “a higher-up” did tell agents to lean towards parricide, but that the latter properly kept neutral for the sake of the agency and their careers. The agents also were made to report daily to the higher-up on the progress of the probe, which was unusual. Initially the higher-up tried to coax them to protract their work, and make Ted fry from media gossips. Instead they quickly took the first-hand accounts of Ted, his children, in-laws and house helpers, and two amigas of Trina’s; conducted a psychological autopsy; and determined the suicide stressor. Drats, the higher-up must have gritted, foiled again!

The NBI spokesman had initially said that the complete report finally would be released today. Then came a new announcement that it would be on Monday. Will there be more delays? Meanwhile Gonzalez, right after telling the spokesman to pipe down, flip-flopped into conjecturing on the investigation. It’s too bad that the NBI had been unable to conduct an autopsy on Trina before her cremation, he said, so now the probe would be “incomplete.” The NBI will have to depend on the police autopsy report, he rued, again implying something wrong. For an official who always invokes presumption of regularity of official actions, including the cops’ brutality at the hospital, Gonzalez was uncharacteristically making it look like the police autopsy is unreliable. This makes the final report predictable. Would it be that Trina’s death could be suicide but inconclusively so? Will it be worded to send the message for Ted to behave in future commentaries about the admin? Or will the agents defy wrongful orders and, knowing the laws of karma, come up only with the truth?

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Lubid ng tiwala

SAPOL Ni Jarius Bondoc, Pilipino Star Ngayon, May 08, 2009 1

Kuwento ito tungkol sa mountain climber na binalak akyatin ang pinaka-mataas na bundok. Sinimulan niya ang adventure matapos ang ilang taon ng pagsasanay. At dahil nais niyang solohin ang katanyagan, pinasya niyang umakyat nang mag-isa.

Tila mabigat ang gabi at makapal ang fog sa taas ng bundok, kaya walang maaninag ang adbenturero. Madilim ang paligid. Nababalutan ng ulap ang buwan at mga bituin.

Kinapa na lang niya ang daan pataas. Nang ilang ta­lampakan na lang mula sa tuktok, bigla siyang nadulas at matuling nahulog sa kalawakan. Itim lang ang naaa­ninag niya habang bumabagsak, at nakalululang paki­ ram­dam niya’y hinihigop siya ng gravity. Patuloy siyang nahulog … at sa gitna ng kilabot ay mabilis duma­an sa isip niya ang lahat ng mabuti’t masamang nangyari sa buhay.

Dumapo ang katotohanang nasa bingit na siya ng kamatayan nang biglang humatak nang malakas ang lubid na nakapulupot sa baywang. Nakabitin ang katawan niya sa hangin. ‘Yung lubid lang ang humahawak sa kanya. At sa gayong abang kalagayan siya napasigaw, “Diyos ko, tulungan Mo ako.”

Isang malalim na boses ang kumulog mula sa langit: “Ano ang gusto mong gawin Ko?”

Halos maiiyak sumagot ang climber, “Iligtas Mo ako.”
“Naniniwala ka bang kaya kitang sagipin?” tanong ng boses.

“Siyempre, sampalataya ako’ng kaya Mo.” ‘‘Kung gay’on,” payo ng malalim na boses, “putulin mo ang lubid na nakatali sa baywang mo. Gamitin mo ang patalim, lagutin mo ang tali.” Tu­ ma­himik ang climber. Lu­mipas ang ilang minuto. Tapos, pinasya niyang lalong kuma­pit sa lubid sa pakiwari’y tanging kaligta­san. Inulat   ng rescue team na natagpu­an ang climber kinauma­gahan… nababa­lutan ng­ yelo at patid na ang hininga, Nakabitin siya ng lubid sa baywang, at na­mamaga ang mga litid ng braso’t kamay sa pagkaka-kapit.

Sampung talampakan na lang siya mula sa lupa. Hindi niya alam. Hindi siya nagtiwala.

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